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Best lightweight model railway baseboards | Perfect base materials

In this quick guide we breakdown the perfect base materials for your new model railway layout.


Model Railway TV Shows

Over the years there have been a large amount of TV shows featuring Model Railways. Below we have listed some that you can currently watch online now. Many are available on BBC iPlayer or the equivalent from other terrestrial TV channels so can also be viewed directly through Smart TV apps.


Can You Clean Model Railway Tracks With White Spirits?

Model railway owners are always surprised to find just how dirty their tracks get, even after running only a handful of trains across their layout. Truth be told, though, the trucks on our engines, freight cars, and passenger cars are always a lot dirtier than we realize. Thankfully though, with just a bit of white spirits, you can completely clean your model railway tracks quite easily.


Best Railway Children’s Books for Toddlers

We all love trains regardless of the age. If your little one has developed this love for trains, you can take a look at the best railway children’s books that are designed for little ones who are aged under 4 years old.

Here is a list of some of the best railway children’s books available out there for purchase.


What Scale Is OO? The Difference Between HO and OO Scales

HO and OO are actually standardized sizes of both scale and gauge (the distance between the tracks) combined

The difference between the two comes down to size. The OO scale models are built to 1:76th scale while the HO scale models are built to 1:87th scale. In simple terms, if you were to push 87 HO scale modes together, the result would be the same size as the real deal. Likewise, if you were to cram 76 OO scale models together, the final form would be the same size as the actual train.


Best Model Rail Magazines and Newsletters to Sign Up For | 2021

Don't know which model railway magazine or newsletter to sign up to? No worries, we've compiled a list of the best ones so you can do more reading and less research! What are you waiting for?


Best Lego Train Sets Buyers Guide

Lego toys are extremely popular among both adults as well as kids. There is a very large range different types of Lego toy sets, which can provide plenty of fun and excitement to spend your time with. 
Some of the best sets they produce are the Lego train set, which all feature a high detail level and some with powered trains. Here is a list of 8 of the most prominent Lego train sets that are available for you to get.


The Ultimate Model Railway Tool guide

When starting your journey into the world of model railways the wide variety of tools available to you can be daunting. From the incredibly useful Scalpel style craft knife through to the more obscure Gear Puller there are hundreds of different tools and it can be tempting to run out and buy them all in your excitement.
Here we cover the tools every beginner needs before looking at some of the more advanced options.


Buying the Best Wooden Train Sets

The biggest brand in of wooden train sets is Brio. Having started in 1884 as a family run business, they are now the largest producer of wooden train sets in the world, known for their bright colours and inter-connectable high quality modular sets. Brio makes the best wooden train sets for toddlers.
Here we are going to look at the bestselling Brio sets and choose the top 5.


Model Railway Auctions

There are toy and model shops in many malls and high streets today and plenty of reputable dealers who acquire and sell on the locomotives, rolling stock and ancillary items needed to create, maintain and expand the enthusiast’s layout; but there is one source that tends to be overlooked – the specialist auction house.