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Organising an Exhibition - An Interview with One Model Railway Club

Organising a model railway exhibition is one of the hardest things a club can ever undertake. A club with lots of experience at this is One Model Railway Club based in Stowmarket, so we asked them all about it.


Scale and Gauge: The Model Railway Couple

You’ve been to an exhibition, or museum or model village and have caught the Model Railway bug, you go to your local store and are immediately overwhelmed by the variety of shapes, sizes, scales and gauge on offer. But what do these even mean? And why not just have one size to fit all? In this article we aim to give a good grounding in what they are and why they exist.


Planning a Railway Layout

Planning a model railway layout for the first time can be daunting, where do you start? should you make intricate plans, or just walk into a shop and buy what looks good? Well, my view is it is always best to have a plan to start with, even if a project evolves away from that plan in the making. This article aims to look at the basics of how to plan and what should be in a plan.


Derailment, It’s not your fault (or maybe it is...)

So you've got your new layout, or maybe that new locomotive you’ve been waiting for and you're excited to try it out. Yet try as you may, the worst happens, Derailment. We've all been there, so why is it happening? And more importantly is it your fault?