Best Model Rail Magazines and Newsletters to Sign Up For | 2021


Are you a model railway enthusiast? Then you are in the right place! You're seriously missing out if you haven't yet signed up for the best model rail magazines and newsletters this year.

Don't know which model railway magazine or newsletter to sign up to? No worries, we've compiled a list of the best ones so you can do more reading and less research! What are you waiting for?

The Best Model Rail Magazines and Newsletters 2021

#1 Model Rail

Model Rail is, by far, the best magazine for avid lovers of model railways. Not only is it filled with attractive, full-colour pictures, but it is also packed with news, reviews, and the latest techniques. Whether you are new to the model railway world or a seasoned veteran, this magazine will give you hours of fun.

You will find interviews from those who are the most passionate about model railways. Plus, there are pages and pages of in-depth demonstrations so you can replicate the world's greatest stations and locomotives in the comfort of your own home.

This magazine is simply impossible to pass by. We certainly couldn't resist the temptation!

#2 Railway Modeller

Railway Modeller has been published in the United Kingdom for donkey's years! Currently, it has released over 800 issues. If that doesn't tell you how good this one is then we don't know what will.

Inside its attractive cover, you will find detailed articles from those who have dedicated their lives to honing the model railway craft. Each edition covers everything including scale drawings, full-spread features, product reviews, related news, step-by-step guides, the railway of the month, and even letters from readers.

The best part is that you don't even need a bookshelf to store them. As soon as you run out of space, simply subscribe to the digital issue, and away you go!

#3 Hornby Magazine

The Hornby Magazine team has collaborated with KeyModelWorld to bring enthusiasts like yourself a fabulous, full-length model railway magazine.

All the pages are packed to the brim with fun, inspiring, and news-worthy content about the latest and greatest creations from modellers just as passionate as you. It's certainly the place to be to find kindred spirits.

Oh, did we mention they provide you with free content too? You don't even need to sign up to be part of the clan!

#4 The Gauge One Model Railway Association Newsletter

This one is a little different since it isn't a magazine so to speak, it's a newsletter. But don't let that put you off. It's still packed with 96 pages of long-form articles on so many railway subjects like:

  • Radio control
  • Modifying steam locomotives
  • Outdoor models
  • And loads more!

All focused on Gauge One railway modelling, so if that’s what you are into, or are considering this magazine, often over 30,000 words long is the one for you.

It’s only available by subscription, which also includes membership to The Gauge One Model Railway Association, all for nearly half the price of an annual subscription to Hornby Magazine.

#5 Garden Rail Magazine

Any outdoor modellers here? We thought so! You are going to love the Garden Rail Magazine. Why? Because it's the only publication in the UK that is dedicated to outdoor railway modelling.

Between the pages, you'll find gorgeous photographs of garden railways from all over the world, as well as advice on how you can create your own.

You can finally realize your outdoor model railway dream!

#6 Model Railway Engineer Newsletter

Probably the biggest model railway blogger around, The Model Railway Engineer Andy, has an award winning blog where he shares all his best tips and tricks. His newsletter has over 36,000 subscribers and is where he shares inspiring pictures, comprehensive tutorials and great offers on products. This is one newsletter that everyone subscribes too

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