Best Lego Train Sets Buyers Guide


Lego toys are extremely popular among both adults as well as kids. There is a very large range different types of Lego toy sets, which can provide plenty of fun and excitement to spend your time with. 
Some of the best sets they produce are the Lego train set, which all feature a high detail level and some with powered trains. Here is a list of 8 of the most prominent Lego train sets that are available for you to get.

Lego City Train Station

This is an extravagant train station by Lego. This is an incredibly detailed train station set, it is however designed as an addition to other Lego City train sets and so does not come with much track or a train. 
In the train station, you can find a gray colored roof, and a large clock is attached to it. This is one of the most detailed Lego train sets as well, featuring a train map, an ATM, along with glass doors. You will also be able to find a bicycle stand, and security cameras in the train station.
You can see a short video of the set here:


Lego Red Cargo Train Set

The Lego Red Cargo train set is one of the biggest Lego train sets available, coming in at 831 pieces. Therefore, you are guaranteed to have lots of fun and entertainment with it.  It is also the first powered set on our list and comes with a remote control.
In this set, you get a main engine and three extra wagons. They include a flatbed wagon, a wagon that carries hazardous goods and a tipping wagon. You will also get a conveyor belt with the train set, to help with loading goods onto your trains..
You can see a short video on this set here:

Lego Emerald Night Train

The Lego Creator Emerald Night Train is the most expensive set on this list and the price has been rising year on year as it is a special edition, and is one for true collectors only. In this train set, you get a gorgeous night green locomotive style train. As one Amazon review put it:
“The Emerald Night is something of a landmark for the LEGO train series. It features detail never thought of before, authenticity that is un-rivalled even to the point that special wheels were developed just for this model. What’s more, its quite beautiful and I would suggest makes all other LEGO train look almost out of place beside it. Almost!“
This is one of the highly detailed trains that you can get as well. It comes along with an operating steam locomotive, a dining car, a furnace and many more features. You have the freedom to remove the roof of the dining car as well.
You can see the detail in this build video:

Lego Christmas Train​

If you want to purchase a limited edition Lego train set, this Christmas special is one of the best options available to consider. It comes along with evergreen colors and festive crimsons. There is a locomotive engine, a caboose and granola car. The entire set contains 233 pieces and is simple enough for children aged 7 and upwards to complete.
You can see the model being build here:




Lego Monster Fighters The Ghost Train

This train set belongs to the Lego Monster Fighters Line, so you will notice that this train has got some scary ghost features. For example, it can glow during night time. You can find a locomotive style train along with a detachable carriage, a prison wagon and many other haunting elements including 5 minifigures and an airplane.
You can see one being built here:


Lego City Cargo Train Set ​

The Lego City Cargo Train Set is one of the most popular Lego train sets available. Along with the train, you will be able to get a forklift, truck, roadster, five mini-figures, a 30 piece train track and a three channel remote control. You will also be able to get your hands on a working crane with the train set. It has got the ability to move the cars into different tracks depending on your requirements. The train that you can get along with this train set can move in both directions. 
You can see this set in action here:


Lego Creator Maersk Train Set

This is one of the most realistic looking Lego train sets available. When you take a look at the containers that you can get with the train set, you will notice that the unique Maersk logo is printed on them, licensed from the Maersk Logistics Company, the largest container ship company in the world. This can add some realism to your Lego rail layout and helps make the jump from toy set to enthusiasts hobby piece. 
With 3 minifigures and 1237 pieces this set delivers a full train with lots of containers to ship as well as a lorry to help load them. You can see it in action below:


Lego City Trains High-Speed Passenger Train

This Lego train set is a high speed passenger train, with a sleek high-speed look 3 minifigures and 20 track pieces, plus a small two man platform and high speed contact points, which will keep the train running forward. You can easily take control over the train through seven speed, 8-channel remote control. You will love the speed offered by this train set. You can see it in action here:


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