Best Older Childrens Railway Books


So by now after looking through our previous guides for books on trains for your child, they have now developed a passion for Trains and are that little bit older. So it sprung to mind that we need to create a list of top Train related books for the 8-11 year olds. Encourage their exploration and appreciation of all things Trains by adventuring into one of these top 6 books for your child.

1. The Highland Falcon Thief By M. G Leonard and Sam Sedgman

First on our list is the brilliant book The Highland Falcon Thief By M. G Leonard and Sam Sedgman. Follow and enjoy the mystery as we follow Harrison Beck as he joins his uncle on the Last Royal Train, only to discover a priceless brooch goes missing. Can he discover and help catch the culprit before the train reaches its final destination? This book is written beautifully and has lovely illustrations and clues to help your young reader through this exciting journey.

You can find it on Amazon here and Waterstones here

2. DK Eyewitness Book – Train, written by John Coiley

Our second book is a DK Eyewitness Book – Train, written by John Coiley. Now this is not a fiction book but a guide into the amazing world of trains.  This book looks at trains throughout history, how they have changed and uses pictures to help demonstrate these. It is the perfect addition to your child’s library, giving them a great base of knowledge of Trains, railroads and help them to develop their own ideas too.  A must have for any train enthusiast!

Its available from Amazon here and Waterstones here

3. The train to Impossible Places by P.G Bell

The next book on our list is a part of a set of 3 brilliant train books. This one is called The train to Impossible Places by P.G Bell. This story, with its stunning illustrations follows Suzy, who hears a strange noise, and when she goes to investigate find a train charging through her house! But this is not an ordinary train oh no! This train takes passengers to the impossible places. This book gives your child a chance to not only enjoy trains, but to let their imagination run wild, facing a sorceress and trolls along the way. The 2 others in this series are called Delivery to the Lost City, and the Great Brain Robbery. Why not invest in the whole set, we are sure your child and you will not regret it!

You can find it in paperback on Amazon here and Waterstones here

4. The Train Book by Dorling Kindersley.

The next fantastic book we have is called The Train Book by Dorling Kindersley. This is a glorious collection of information and visuals, sure to entice your child’s thirst for train knowledge. A perfect gift, this book looks at how locomotives work, information on iconic trains such as the Javelin and the Mallard, amongst others in beautiful detail. It also looks into well-known railways routes, and key innovators and designers within the rail travel industry. This is a wonderful book to explore together with your child and something you will return to time and again. 

Its available in Hardback and Paperback from Amazon

5. A Train Journey by Gerard Lo Monaco

Our fifth book is absolutely stunning and a glorious addition to your child’s reading time. It is called A Train Journey by Gerard Lo Monaco. Created by the world’s leading paper engineer and art director, this story starting in 1829, looking at the “Rocket” locomotive, takes readers on an international journey through train’s history, with beautiful pop up layered paper format and insightful information to boot, definitely give this one a go! 

You can find it on Amazon here and Waterstones here

6. Locomotive by Brian Floca

Our final book simply called Locomotive by Brian Floca, is a story you will keep coming back to. With is stunning illustrations, this Caldecott Winner and New York Times Best seller book follows a family in 1869, going on Americas Transcontinental railroads for the first time. We go through this tale with them, exploring the sights, sound and smells they felt at the time. So beautifully written you will feel like you were there too. A must have for a bit of night time reading. 

You can find it on Amazon

We hope you have enjoyed looking through our list of great train books for your children, these are just a few. Enjoy and explore together!

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