Best Railway Children’s Books for Toddlers


We all love trains regardless of the age. If your little one has developed this love for trains, you can take a look at the best railway children’s books that are designed for little ones who are aged under 4 years old. Then you can purchase a few books for you and your child to explore together. Here is a list of some of the best railway children’s books available out there for purchase. All these books are ideal for children who are aged under 4 years.

1. The Tickle Book - A Lift and Flap book by Ian Whybow and Axel Scheffler

The Tickle book is a colourful board book with lift flaps to enjoy and witty rhymes and and pull tabs to boot!  Although not entirely full of trains, this is a great starter book to explore together and introduce your child to trains and recognition, as well as rhyming words. With brilliant illustrations by “The Gruffalo” illustrator Axel Scheffler, can be enjoyed by all.

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2. Busy Railway By Campbell Books

The book, Busy Railways is a busy book and is great for creating communication and discussion with to your child. It has wonderful bright colours, pull tabs, flaps and simple easy text, this is a book that will grow with your little one. From just looking at pictures to discovering colours, looking for items within the illustrations, it is a story you can keep coming back too. Hard backed, wipes clean and is perfect for a young train enthusiast. Would be a great gift and fairly priced.

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3.  Poppy and Sams Noisy Train book By Sam Taplin

No parents life would be complete without a noisy interactive book for their child, and this is a great one. Follow Sam and Poppy on their steam train adventure, complete with sound effects to use throughout the story to make this adventure come to life! The sound effects alone are enough to attract a young train fan, but with great story content too this is a perfect book to take in the car, encourages speech and vocabulary and memory too.

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4. Thomas & Friends - I'm Ready to Read with Thomas Sound

Help to teach your child  how to read with the help of “Thomas & Friends - I'm Ready to Read with Thomas Sound Book”. This is one of the most popular books out there to encourage kids to learn to read. It delivers a fun-filled train experience to any child, using beloved Thomas and his friends as the focus.  With 10 different button sounds on the side, large text and a great story, this book will keep your child engaged while learning those very early sounds that help reading.

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5.Peppa Pig and the Big Train By Peppa Pig

Join Peppa and George on board the train in this fantastic train adventure. With gorgeous illustrations, and appearances from Mummy and Daddy Pig too,  your little one can get their Peppa and train fix in one swoop.  This is a great story that you can keep coming back to with your child, encourages singing, memory and just is an all round fun one.

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6. Alphabet Trains by Samantha R Vamos

 Alphabet Trains is another  great train focused book that you can use to help your child learn how to read. This is a fully illustrated paperback book and all of the letters of the alphabet from A to Z are here. Using different types of train too such as a bullet train, freight train, this is a great book to help your child to learn not only their alphabet, but look for visual cues, listen to the rhymes and learn more about wonderful trains!

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Take a look at these six railway childrens books as a start, as your child grows you will find there are many different options out there. Enjoy!

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