Excalibur Auctions

Model and Toy Auctions.

Excalibur Auctions was established in February 2016 to meet the needs of the auction industry. The aim is to provide a specialist service for private collectors by holding specialist auctions to realise the true value of their collections at auction.

Excalibur Auctions is owned and operated by two model railway enthusiasts. Our auctioneer’s speciality is model railways and diecast toys. He’s considered an expert in the field after many years as a modeller, collector, dealer and auctioneer.

Our knowledge, together with other industry experts with whom we consult, ensures that the best prices are achieved – by cataloguing everything to reach their full potential.

In addition to the many existing customers that we have, we reach new, specific audiences through worldwide, targeted advertising and promotion. All our auctions are broadcast via the-saleroom.com and invaluable.co.uk enabling buyers to purchase from the comfort of their own homes no matter where in the world that may be.

Auction Discounts

For ModelRailwayClubs.co.uk visitors we have a special discount code. The usual fee is 18% (plus VAT) with a £1.50 lotting fee, plus insurance of 1%. Enter QUOTERAILWAY17 on the Excalibur Auctions Website for the new fee of 15% (plus VAT), £1 lotting and 1% insurance per lot.

Contact Details

Website: www.excaliburauctions.com

Email Address: View Email Address

Telephone: 020 3633 0913

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Upcoming Auctions

15th September 2018 and 24th November Movie Memorabilia, Models and Miscellany

Live bidding in the room at:

The Village Hotel,
Centennial Park,
Centennial Avenue,

Or bid online at The Sale room.

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